Directors Desk

I wish the dawned year 2019’ a very prosperous one. We have strode on the previous year with exhilaration of commemorating the 25th Anniversary of our school with great pride.

We are looking forward to an amazing 2019’ of the school year. I would like to personally thank all of our students, parents, teachers and staff for all of their hardwork and dedication in the past that has created history on spreading education.

I anticipate that this year we are really going to work with co-operation and enthusiasm to make it a memorable year and will leave the impressionistic footprints……in the history of Vrindavan School.

Our Objective

The aim of the school is to produce well-rounded personalities who can face the outside world with confidence. So, the school is vibrant with activities round the year. The school has facilities for popular sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, cricket, ta

Mission & Vision

“Our vision as a community is to inspire a passion for learning and enriching children socially, culturally, intellectually, morally, aesthetically and technically, as we have to go a long way to achieve avowed objective of nation building.”  

Notice & Announcement


    Admission opens for session - 2019 Classes from Nursery Class IX. Registration Forms are available in our School Office. For more details please contact: 9733198975

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