Kalimpong is a sub-division of Darjeeling District which falls under the state of West Bengal of India. Kalimpong is 50 kilometres away from the nearest airport (Bagdogra) and the nearest railway station (New Jalpaiguri). The drive to Kalimpong along the river Teesta is so picturesque that the two and a half hour journey to this hill station at an elevation of 4000 mtr will seem a very short one.

The hostel "GURUKUL" is 5 kilometres away from Kalimpong Town. Situated in an educational environment, attached with VRINDAVAN SCHOOL, 12th Mile, Kalimpong. It is surrounded by nature where the sound of the brooks and the chirping of the birds being the wake up call for the students.
The hostel caters to both boys and girls from the age group from 4 years and above.

The Junior Dormitory

It has separate dormitories for juniors, seniors, girls and boys. Each hostel has separate experienced maids and matrons to look after the needs of the children.
The kitchen is a separate unit, which is common to all the students. We provide English and Hindu cuisine and teach table manners while they eat. Extra diet is available on special request.

The Infirmary

A full-fledged infirmary is attached with the hostel. A trained nurse is on call twenty-four hours along with a doctor's visit. Moreover, Kalimpong always boasts of the best medical facilities within North Bengal.

The Entertainment Room

A separate room is provided for entertainment. Television, Internet, various indoor games are there for the children.

Outdoor games are a must to keep the children fit and healthy, popular games such as football, volleyball, cricket, basketball, swimming, badminton, etc., can be availed of within the school premises.
Strict study hours are maintained, during prep classes. Extra tuitions in any subjects can be provided for, as per the need of each child.

Exit permits are granted once a month for the children to go to town for outing. Maids escort the junior students on outing days..
Picnics, trekking and nature walks broaden the ideas of students, which we encourage.
Certain rules and regulations, which the student of the hostel have to follow, are attached with the form along with the fee structure of the hostel.


  • Admission Form Charges - Rs. 300/-


  • Development/ Entertainment       Rs. 800.00
  • Security Deposit (Refundable)    Rs. 2000.00


  • Boarding and lodging (per month)  Payable for ten months - Rs. 6000.00


Admission Form/Charges Annual Charges Security Deposit(refundable) Board & Lodging (one month) Total
300 1000 2000 6000 9,300


1. Amounts mentioned above are in Indian Rupees (INR)
2. Boarding and lodging charges are payable for 10 months.


List of clothes for boarders

S.L. No. ITEM For Boys For Girls
1. White full sleeved school (school) 3 3
2. White half sleeved shirt (school) 2 2
3. Grey half shorts (school) - 3
4. Grey tunic (school) 3 -
5. Machine knitted school sweater (half) (school) 1 1
6. Machine knitted school sweater (full) (school) 1 1
7. School tie (school) 2 2
8. School socks (school) 3 3
9. Black laced schoes (school) 3 3
10. White P.T. shoes (school) 2 2
11. Underwear 8 8
12. White vests 6 6
13. Night suits 3 4
14. Bath towel 3 3
15. Bathroom slippers 2 2
16. Handkerchiefs 12 12
17. Umbrella 1 1
18. Bedsheets 3 3
19. Counterpane (Bed-cover) 2 2
20. Pillow 1 1
21. Pillow cases 6 6
22. Blankets 1 1
23. Quilt 1 1
24. Quilt cover 2 2
25. Bedding holder 1 1
26. Trunk 1 1
27. Hand Bag 1 1
28. School Bag 1 1


If any of the above articels are not brought, or falls short, the school / hostel authorities will be compelled to order the same from the local market, and the bill will be sent accordingly.


  • 1. Security Deposit of Rs. 2000/- will be refunded to the applicant after three months of the date of application.
  • 2. Extra tuition, care fare, medical bills and special diet (if any required) will be charged extra, at actual.
  • 3. All items mentioned in the clothes list must be brought along otherwise, we will purchase the same and place the bills for payment.
  • 4. Your ward should not have any valuable items or cash in their possession
  • 5. No child can be withdrawn during the session. If withdrawn, the parent has to bear the cost of the whole year for the reservation of the seat.
  • 6. It is compulsory to the parents to take their children for their holidays. Please collect your ward as according to the holiday list and bring them back on that specific date and time, otherwise a fine of Rs. 50 / day will be charged extra.
  • 7. Fees should be paid by the 1st week of each month, or quarterly installment in advance, as long overdues will not be entertained.
  • 8. Parents are requested to enclose Birth Certificate, Heath Certificate etc. at the time of admission.
  • 9. The hostel authorities are to be informed in advance about whether the child suffers from any sort of abnormal disease.
  • 10. Parents must give in writing about the visiting local guardian and the local guardians are permitted to take the children only afte a written request from the child's parent.
  • 11. No pocket money to be given to your child. No valuable items like iphones, cell phones or music system should be with your child.


Our Objective

The aim of the school is to produce well-rounded personalities who can face the outside world with confidence. So, the school is vibrant with activities round the year. The school has facilities for popular sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, cricket, ta

Mission & Vision

“Our vision as a community is to inspire a passion for learning and enriching children socially, culturally, intellectually, morally, aesthetically and technically, as we have to go a long way to achieve avowed objective of nation building.”  

Notice & Announcement


    Admission opens for session - 2019 Classes from Nursery Class IX. Registration Forms are available in our School Office. For more details please contact: 9733198975

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